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F19A/0216 - Hedgestown National School

Hedgestown National School, Hedgestown, Lusk, Co. Dublin


Construction of new detached, pre-fabricated portable building for the purposes of a resource room, and all associated site works.

F16A/0605 - Keelco Ltd - Additional Information

Keelco Ltd


Lands at Turvey Avenue, (200m west of Donabate Railway Station), Donabate, Co Dublin


Permission for a 3 storey mixed use development in lieu of the granted 2 storey office development approved under Reg. Ref. F16A/0605. The proposed development provides for 1 no. retail unit at ground floor, 1 no. office unit at first floor and 1 no. two bed apartment at second floor with associated elevational signage and car parking, landscaping, boundary treatment  and all associated site and engineering works necessary to facilitate the development.


Add Info received 21st May 2019.

F18A/0481 Appeal Lodged - St. Judes, Portrane Road, Donabate, Co. Dublin.

Nature of Appeal:​ 1st  Vs Decsion

Councils Decision:


Proposed Development:

The demolition of the existing single storey house (133m²) and the construction of 7 No. 2.5 storey dwelling houses - 6 No. semi-detached houses (202m²) and 1 No. detached house (223m²) and all associated and ancillary site development works including relocation of the vehicular access from Portrane Road.

F18A/0618 Aledo Donabate Limited Lands to the south of Main Street and Balcarrick Road (R126), Corballis East, Donabate,

The development will consist of strategic open spaces, upgrades to the public road, reconfiguration of the existing car park serving Smyths Bridge House (A Protected Structure), upgrade of existing entrance onto Main Street, new access from Balcarrick Road, internal access roads, water services and a pumping station, and utilities. These proposed works are to facilitate future residential development including reserved sites for new primary school and local neighbourhood centre at Corballis East, as provided for in the Donabate Local Area Plan 2016. Planning permission is sought for 10 years.  It is proposed to provide a Nature Park of 13.63 ha. and 3 no additional parks of 1.4437 ha, 0.6788 ha, and 0.3856 ha. The proposed internal road infrastructure comprises a hierarchy of 2,320m of Linking Roads and 4,680 m of Local Access Roads.  It is proposed to reconfigure the existing permitted car park serving Smyths Bridge House to accommodate pedestrian, cyclist and limited vehicular access to the site, and 46 no. replacement car parking spaces, and including the upgrade 140m of Main Street including the Balcarrick Road Junction.  Proposed potable surface and foul water services and utilities, will be provided under the proposed roadways. Proposed works include SUDS wetland area in the Nature Park, and a wastewater pumping station set within a fenced compound of 320 sq.m. accessed off the Donabate Distributor Road (under construction).  This application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact  Assessment Report (EIAR) and a Natura Impact Statement (NIS).  The planning application and the EIAR and NIS may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during the public opening hour

F17A/0658           ROXTIP Limited Kingsland, Off Beaverstown Road and to the rear of Cois Inbhir, Beaverbrook, Donabate, Co. Dublin.

Retention planning and planning permission is sought at the granted residential development Reg. Ref. F16A/0542 currently under construction. Retention permission and planning permission is sought for a dormer window at second floor level to the rear of granted dwelling no.s 10-21 and 23-28 currently under construction (i.e. 18 no. dwellings) with associated minor internal changes to the second floor level to accommodate same. 

F17A/0160 - Block 2 Ballisk Court, Donabate, Co. Dublin - Additional Information

Retention permission for change of use (at ground floor level) from office use to residential use comprising 1 no. 3-bed apartment unit; (ii) permission for change of use (at first floor level) from office use to residential use comprising 2 no. 1-bed apartment units;  internal modifications and reconfiguration works; new single door entrance to replace existing double door entrance at ground floor level on western facing elevation;  provision of 2 no. balconies at existing opes on western facing elevation and north western facing corner of building at first floor level;

(iii) works to private open space courtyard area to include bin storage and bicycle store; the provision of screened private garden space to serve 3-bed apartment unit on ground floor level;  and (iv) all ancillary works necessary to facilitate the development. The proposed development is served by communal car parking permitted under Reg. Ref. F00A/0759.

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