Area Committee Meeting Notes
Motions and questions that I submit on your behalf.

Operational Matters (Meeting A)

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive given the current traffic delays within Donabate Village due to the infrastructural improvements currently being carried out and indeed the construction traffic, that the traffic lights sequence within Donabate Village are set to continuous amber to allow traffic to move more freely and in particular at peak times when the traffic can come to a standstill?


Reply: The setting of the traffic lights to continuous amber does not comply with the Traffic Management Guidelines and in the interest of road user safety cannot be considered.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive to carry out an assessment within Greys Square, Portrane as currently there is a health and safety issue with unauthorised parking. This at times has left no access for trucks, bin lorries and of even more concern no access for emergency vehicles or ambulances?


Reply: Greys Square, Portrane is a small residential cul-de-sac  area with low speeds and no through traffic. Residents should park their vehicles with due consideration for their neighbours. Illegal parking on the public road is a matter for An Garda Siochana.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive, for an assessment of the footpath beside Kelly's Garage in Lusk as currently the path is uneven and in need of repairing?


Reply: The Repair to the footpath at this location is included in the 2019 Maintenance Works Programme.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive, for a provision of a litter bin for the green area in Lusk as currently there is no bin at this location?


Reply:  This area will be monitored to assess the need for additional bins.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive, Wrens Nest Lane which is a connecting road between Oldtown to Rolestown (regular route to Fingal Ravens Gaa Club) this busy road is in very poor condition and urgently needs to be resurfaced?


Reply: This section of road has been approved for surfacing works under the 2019 Programme of Works which is currently underway. This work is expected to be completed by Q3 2019

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive, that the Public Toilets in Portrane could be opened all year round given this area has become a very busy area with both tourists and locals who use the beaches and enjoy walking within the area?



Consideration will be given to extending the opening hours of the public toilets at Portrane having regard to existing demand and current staff resources.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive given the current road closure on the back roads to Corballis, could this opportunity be taken for some minor road improvements at the two/three accident pinch points along this road, especially referring to the section of road between Smiths Farm and Balcarrick Golf Club?



The area will be survey and if necessary listed for minor road improvements.

Motion - April 2019 - That the Chief Executive, carry out a Road and Pedestrian Safety Assessment at the Junction of Ballisk, Beaverstown Road and the main Portrane Road. Where the issue of motorists and pedestrians exiting Ballisk have very poor/no visibility to their left onto the Beaverstown Road and the ongoing issues of motorists coming from Donabate Village driving on to this Junction at excessive speed.


The Traffic Section carried out a site visit to the junction of Ballisk, Beaverstown Road and the main Portrane Road.  It is proposed to include, in the supplementary works programme, additional road markings including a buildout from the kerb line in order to create a more defined left hand turn at this junction for vehicles travelling from Donabate Village towards Beaverstown.

Arrangements will also be made to cut back the hedge to the left of the Ballisk exit to allow for improved visibility once the restriction imposed by Section 40 of the Wildlife Act 1976 has passed.

April 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive, to provide some form of written guarantee that the long established agreement that was entered into between the Ballisk Residents Association and Fingal County Council with regard to the access gate between Beverton and Ballisk must be fully upheld and cannot be used for re-negotiation every time there is either a Local or General Election?


As previously reported discussions have taken place recently with the Ballisk Residents who remain strongly opposed to any alteration to the current opening and closing times of the gate.

Arrangements are now being made to meet with a representative group from Beverton to discuss the issue further.

It is not considered appropriate to provide a written guarantee that the agreement cannot be revisited at any time in the future as this would stifle the democratic right of local residents and elected representatives.

April 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive, to firstly establish who is in ownership of the water pump feature at the end of Turvey Avenue towards Blakes Cross (see photos attached). In the event that this is in Council ownership to ask the Operations Department to enter discussions with the Local Turvey District Residents Association in regard to commencing a small public realm improvement in and around this water pump?



This area is within Fingal County Council’s ownership, discussions will be entered into with local residents to agree improvement works which may be included as part of a future Programme of Works.  

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Planning and Strategy Matters (Meeting B)

Motion - May 2019 - That the Chief Executive give consideration to future planning applications for the Donabate Portrane Peninsula that would see a coordinated and joined up thinking approach and that would see all Developers working together and not in isolation to ensure traffic moves freely most of the time in and out of the Peninsula. That all medium and large size developments across the Peninsula have wheel wash facilities on site that ensures no debris or muck is brought onto the main road network as a condition of planning.


The coordination of all pre planning consultation is undertaken within the Planning and Strategic Infrastructure (P&SI) Department and the matter of cumulative traffic impacts is addressed on an ongoing basis by the Transportation Division. 

Regular liaison takes place between the Operations and P&SI Departments to assess and co-ordinate infrastructure works and every effort is made to minimise disruption to local traffic flows where it is feasible. 


The provision of on-site wheel wash facilities in construction sites will be assessed on a case by case basis in all future planning applications for the Donabate Portrane area and will relate to the scale and type of development proposal.

Motion - May 2019 - That the Chief Executive provide a summary update and projection completion on both the 19 Donabate Development Plan objectives and the 9 Portrane objectives that were endorsed for the Fingal Development Plan 2017 to 2023.


Report to large to include.

Motion - May 2019 - That the Chief Executive reports on what discussions and outcomes have taken place between the Local Authority and the NTA, to address the significant transport deficits especially in both Rail & Bus on the Donabate Portrane Peninsula, given the projected growth in housing in the short to medium term, the opening of the new NFMH at St. Ita's Portrane and the potential tourism opportunities provided by the stunning beaches and Newbridge House & Park. In the event of there being no substantial discussions and commitments to call on the Local Authority to meet with the NTA, at the earliest possible opportunity to accelerate these discussions and commitments.


Fingal County Council regularly meets with the National Transport Authority and recent meetings have included discussions on: 1. Broadmeadow Way scheme which NTA have committed to fund and which will serve Donabate and facilitate a significant improvement in access to Newbridge House & Demesne; 2. The Fingal Coastal Way from Malahide to Portmarnock to Sutton, which will NTA also fund and will further open up accessibility to the Fingal coastline in general and Donabate in particular; 3. The recently published NTA plans for the BusConnects bus service network enhancements and the Swords Core Bus Corridor, both of which aim to increase the attractiveness of bus services serving Donabate; 4. The South Fingal Transport Study which was recently published by Fingal County Council and for which NTA were a key stakeholder, the Study being signifiantly predicated on the large number of public transport interventions planned under the NTA’s Transport 

Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area 2016-2035 including MetroLink to Swords and Dart Expansion on the northern rail line. 

Alongside the large number of other sustainable transport projects currently being brought forward directly by Fingal County Council on the Donabate peninsula, including the Fingal Coastal Way to Balbriggan, the Rahillion Loop Walk, the Donabate Distributor Road and various traffic calming, footpath and junction improvement projects, there is a significant amount of investment proposed in the short- to medium-term that will ultimately lead to a significant improvement in safety and transport provision for the community in Donabate and NTA continue to support Fingal County Council in this regard.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive what are the timelines for taking in charge the Orchard Estate in Oldtown and if an inspection could be carried out in relation to the large trees on the open space?

Reply:The open space areas in the Orchard estate are not in charge.  The company which developed this estate is dissolved and the assets have been vested in the Minister of Public Expenditure and Reform. The Council has applied for Deed of Waiver in order to take open space areas into our charge.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive if a Litter Inspection can be carried out at Cobbes Lane, as I have received reports of ongoing dumping at this location.

Reply:  The Litter Warden will include Cobbes Lane on his daily inspection route.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive in light of another recent intrusion on lands at Lissenhall Little, off the Hearse Road, Donabate, what measures are planned to upgrade and reinforce the access and security in and out of this site, which is partly owned by Fingal County Council and two local farmers?

Reply:The Council is actively working with the adjoining landowners with a view to further securing the access at this location.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive what progress, if any, has been made between the Local Authority, the ETB and the Insurers with regard to the carpet of the allweather pitch at Ballisk, Donabate, beside Donabate Community College. This was extensively damaged in a major flood in October, 2011 and was temporarily repaired by Fingal County Council in 2015. Are there any plans to fully replace this carpet, given it is beginning to show early signs of deterioration in the areas of the pitch that was most extensively damaged in the flood?

Reply: The all-weather pitch at Ballisk, Donabate is currently under the ownership of the Educate Together Board (ETB). Negotiations have been taking place between the ETB and Fingal County Council about the execution of the Lease of the allweather pitch to the Council.

A request for a further meeting to try and finalise the matter has been sent to the ETB.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive to enter into discussions with the owner of the Martello Tower in Donabate, with a view to exploring all options that would see this Martello Tower being restored and brought back into some form of public usage, given its very prominent and strategic location at the entrance to Donabate Beach?

Reply: The Council will contact the owners of the Martello Tower to determine their future plans

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive for an update on the long term plans to address Coastal Erosion and the risk of flooding along the Portrane Coastline?

Reply: The specialist consulting firm RPS have been engaged by Fingal County Council to prepare the Rogerstown Outer Estuary Coastal Flood Risk Management Plan. Initial survey work has been completed and a briefing on the analysis of this work will be provided through the Coastal Liaison Group in June.  It is likely however that the design and planning for any long term approach to this issue will take more than a year to complete due to the range and complexity of the issues involved.

May 2019 - To ask the Chief Executive for an update on two legacy infrastructural projects in Donabate. The footpath improvements in and around Scoil Phadraic Cailini and St. Patricks Boys National School and also the urgent need for a continuous footpath on Turvey Avenue from Donabate Railway Station to the Beverton Estate?

Reply: Fingal County Council recently appointed an engineering consultant to examine upgrade options for provision of footpath improvements on:  the Portrane Road between the entrance to Carrs Mills estate to a point east of St Patricks National School and Scoil Phádraig Cailíní Girls National School  Turvey Avenue to the east of the junction at Turvey Drive

The consultant will examine the feasibility of various design proposals, propose a recommended design and undertake redesign of utilities, planning/Part 8 requirements, land acquisition, contract documentation and contractor procurement.                                               The Part 8 process is expected to be initiated in September 2019.

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Full Council Meetings

Broadband Fingal. AI032797 - That the Chief Executive, explore the appointment of a broadband expert to develop a strategy around the role out of high quality broadband services across all of the Fingal Urban and Rural areas. People across all of Fingal need to have access to decent high speed broadband and mobile coverage.


Reply: The procurement for the National Broadband Plan Intervention is in train, and following a competitive procurement process, it is expected that a contract will be awarded in June 2017. A Mobile Phone and Broadband Access Taskforce has been convened at national level to provide immediate solutions to mobile voice and broadband deficits pending the award of the NBP contract. In this regard, Broadband Action Groups have been established to mirror the procurement lots (Northern/Southern) in the NBP tender. Fingal falls into the Southern Action Group and is tasked with removing barriers to the timely rollout of broadband, addressing the infrastructural issues around the rollout and developing a Digital Strategy to identify the role that broadband can play in the future economic and social development of the county, as well as, helping to stimulate demand once the network is rolled out. In terms of the co-ordination of internal Departments, a cross departmental group has been established to ensure the streamlining of any potential administrative or other barriers to the timely rollout of the national broadband plan. Fingal County Council has been given sanction in principle for the appointment of a specialist resource in order to progress the development of a Digital Strategy for the county. The best option for progressing this is under examination and will be progressed in the coming months.

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